William Holmes McGuffey

William H McGuffey1. William H McGuffey played a big part in reforming education because he shared the view that traditional ways of teaching were too difficult. He believed students learned from whole to part (not from part to whole, a feature of the alphabet method.)
2. He made learning to read and write more reasonable to students. Using a different approach of "whole to part", McGuffey made a series of textbooks for student use. Each level got increasingly difficult, making the learning a gradual process. This also made teaching easier because the approach was more effective and understandable. The textbooks greatly helped the students understand, lessening the work of the teacher.
3. McGuffey's books sold very well, as more and more schools started to accept this new way of teaching. His books were the first to have a series in which the curriculum got more and more difficult each volume. This education reform aided in the improvement of reading and writing.
4. McGuffey's books became the first standardized reading text for most schools across the U.S. He made a system of levels that made teaching methods more effective.
6.To this day there are many volumes of reading and writing textbooks that are used in schools in the United States. These volumes usually have levels too, just like McGuffey's did. We still use the same methods of part to whole teaching, and we use the same system of books as they did in the early to mid 1900's.

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