Theodore Weld

Theodore Weld was born on November 23, 1803. For many years through out his life he has taught and went to many colleges. Later on in life he became Weld became one of the leaders of the antislavery movement working with some people like Arthur and Lewis Tappan, James G. Birney, Gamaliel Bailey, and the Grimké sisters. Durring his time as a teacher, he would train and educate people on the anti slave movement and would have them spread there knowledge and beleife of being against salvery. Weld did end up having sucsess in promoting his reform. He inspired others to promote his beleife of anti slavery and many others agreed with his thinking. The work of Theodore Weld that made him and intersting fiugre was his work for the anti slavery and abolitionists at the antebellum time. His work inspired others to protest against slavery which was a big discussion and a big part to which was to be the civil war.

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