Lucretia Mott

Lucretia Mott

Lucretia had a lot of criticism about slavery, and found it to be an evil to be opposed. She was a huge activist in the women rights and believed all women deserved equal rights. One of her fights was on the idea of only men voting, weather she ultimately conveyed the decision to allow women to vote or not her impact was huge. Her husband, who supported her activism, and her traveled frequently and housed runaway slaves in their homes. She helped organize women abolitionist socities since anti-slavery organizations would not accept women as members. She was selected as a delegate to the worlds anti-slavery convention in London. She was also a key organizer in the broader-based convention for women's rights.

Lucretia had a giant impact on women's rights and felt stronlgy in all of her fights. she was one of the biggest femanist and reformers of her time. she made it clear she didnt fight for womens rights because of her gender but that she truly believed in the equality of all human kind. Though her fights and protest throughout her life never made a huge turning point in history she fought for many causes such as, womens right to vote, and freedom of slaves that have made a turning point eventually. Lucretia will never be forgotten as one of the many yet few bold women who stood up for herself, for others and for the equality of women, Indians, slaves, and blacks to get the justice and equality they all deserved.

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