John Humphrey Noyes

John Humphrey Noyes did not believe the custom of marriage in American society. Noyes believed that men and women did not have to be married to one person. He believed that all men were married to all women, which became known as the practice of complex marriage.

John Humphrey Noyes tried to improve American life by creating a utopia known as the Perfectionists. In The Perfectionist Society they followed the belief of complex marriage. The society was created with the belief that individual human's fails could be fixed through collective correction.

John Noyes was successfull in promoting reform, by creating his own utopian society, the Oneida Perfectionists. They were successful, because the group created an image of society and it held a collective spirit from good leaership and decisions. The Perfectionist society was also an unsellfish community. In the end though the Perfectionist Society could no longer continue.

John Humphrey Noyes' idea of complex marriage made him an interesting historical figure. This radical practice makes him known throughout history. He is also well known for creating the Perfectionist society, because it united people with the idea that they must serve as a model for righteous living for the world to observe.

Johnathon Humphrey Noyes impacted society, because he created a society that showed that a strong community could succeed. He also created a company that produces silverware.

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