Horace Mann

Horace Mann

Criticism of American Society...

The main criticism Horace had was on religion and education. In his early life, he was exposed to preachings of that the Creator was harsh and cruel, and rather he wasnted to see God in a more positive way that had ethical integrity. The when it came to education, he believed that schools could be made to unify the American people, since they greatly lacked that.

Methods Used to Improve American Life...

A method Horace used to improve life was work on the Massachusetts Board of Education. With this he tried to push for better public education in communities. Since he was also a enforcer for abolition, he tried to use that for his cause. He thought that if slavery could be diminished, then education could be improved since there would be less tension and be more open to blending different types of people together. To improve the stronghold on these schools, Horace also got the state to have better control to keep with the demands and needs.

Success in Promoting Reform...

Mann was quite successful in his endeavors in creating public schools. He was able to establish schools that blended education with some basic religious beliefs. It proved to be a challenge since he couldn't include ideals that would infinge upon the beliefs of one religion's over another. By trying to compromise with different groups of people, he was able to make a school system that would last for many years to come.

What Made Him Interesting...

Horace was a man of many perfessions. He went to school for law, worked on the Dedham School Commission, established and worked as a secretary on the Massachusetts Board of Education, helped establish the First Unitarian Church in West Newton, MA, establsished Antioch College in Ohio, strived for the abolishment of slavery, plus some other jobs here and there. What also made him differnt from reformers before him was his ablility to compromise to achieve his goals rather then inforcing his ideas on people without their consent.

Lasting Impact on American Society...

The most lasting impression that Horace Mann will leave is his accomplishments with public education in America. He was able to successfully establish a schooling system that was offered to anyone and everyone to provide them with an education and also incorporated some basic religious beliefs. These types of schools, with a few minor change, are still in existence today with many of the same principles that were used hundreds of years prior.

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