Harriet Tubman

[Untitled]1. Harriet Tubmans' criticism that she had about American society was that slavery was wrong and believed that all slaves should be free. She was also a large supporter of woman's rights in society after she settled for good in Auburn, New York.

2. To improve American life, Harriet Tubman ran away from slavery and began to use the underground railroad to go from the North to the South and help slaves become free by helping them run away. Another thing she did was open up the Harriet Tubman home which was a house where she lived most the time and helped people of old age or who were sick.

3. The biggest success that Harriet Tubman had in promoting reform was saving enslaved people. She went on about 13 trips through the Underground Railroad and brought back about 70 people but saved thousands in the process. She conducted her first mission in the Underground railroad in December of 1850.

4. One major thing that made Harriet Tubman and interesting historical figure from her work was that she risked her life every time she went on a rescue mission because she wanted to fight for what she believed in. She also used the North Star to help guide her and rescue slaves. Another interesting thing is that she was an enslaved person herself but had escaped but continuously risked her life going back South to save many others.

harriet tubman and the underground railroad6. A lasting impact that Harriet Tubman had on American society is that she helped save the lives of over a thousand enslaved people and helped with woman's rights. Both things that she contributed to greatly eventually became improved in time. Slavery was eventually abolished and woman in society gained more rights like voting and having a place in politics.


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