Dr. Sylvester Graham

The criticism of American society that Sylvester Graham had was he told delegates that American's drink to much alcohol, and that they consume to much meat which offended most people. The methods that Graham used to improve American life was by telling lectures about the evil of drinking, gluttony to convince them to eat healthier. Sylvester Graham's was successful at first, but his success later diminished because his disciples divided into two separate groups, and his advice of personal hygiene didn't attract many people. Sylvester Graham was an interesting historical figure because his lectures were based on how he lived life. He exercised, slept good, and was a vegetarian. he tried to convince Americans to do the same because he studied how drinking to much alcohol, and eating to much eat affects the human body. The lasting impact on American society was that you don't have to eat meat, drink, and be dirty. You can live a better life by being healthy, and being clean.

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